Who I Am

  • A mom, with two beautiful, adult children living amazing lives!
  • A photographer, small business owner, and have the most amazing boss ever – me!
  • I LOVE to travel and look forward to many foreign adventures!
  • Skiing, camping, hiking, walks, a bike ride, hanging out with family!
  • Wine tours!
  • A Minnesotan, through and through!

And I can’t imagine my life without photography!  My passion for outdoors inspires how I look at light and allows me to be creative with Mother Nature’s gifts!   Ambient (meaning existing) light is how I love to photograph, capturing the most natural looks and highlights. Outdoors is one of my favorite ways to attain natural, existing light and can be found in a lot of my work, as well as nature’s beauty! Using the natural light, we are able to create clean, fresh images in our portrait sessions. This can be achieved outdoors, as well as in our studio!

Located on the western edge of Minneapolis, we highlight Portraiture for Graduating Seniors, Families and Children, as well as specializing in Engagements and Weddings!

Jodi Munsterman – an accomplished photographer, studying the art of photography for over 25 years.

Browse the albums here on my site – I know you will agree!  I look forward to hearing about your portrait ideas!

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